DREAMS & GOALS (become your days–becomes your life)

By Jenna Winegeart / January 7, 2019 /

I’ve mentioned the new year being a favorite time for me. Being an Enneagram 3, the achiever*, I thrive with society taking a collective time period to reflect & plan new goals for the fresh, wide open year. I take all the dreams that have been swirling around in my brain & put them down…

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By Jenna Winegeart / January 3, 2019 /

When I think of things I want to teach my kids to help them become healthy, thriving humans, I realize I am closer to the practice rink than I am the master class. Maybe you will relate to these 5 tidbits to thrive, too?

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By Jenna Winegeart / December 24, 2018 /

Dear Girl, It’s Christmastime. How are you? Are you spending the next couple of days with people who love you, or is this year finding you feeling alone, even if you are with people? Did anybody ask what you wanted to find under the tree this year? Did you have fun shopping for people you’re…

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By Jenna Winegeart / November 26, 2018 /

The first time I remember rolling with laughter after Collins was born was over a book. She was two months old, & I had taken her to my mom’s house for the three of us to spend the day together. My friend, Karly, had loaned me Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants. It was a slow start…

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By Jenna Winegeart / February 17, 2016 /

Dear Writing, Now that we’re finally getting serious with one another, I feel like I need to be clear about where this is going. The truth is, I know you can’t promise me security. I already have a husband for that, and much more so, God, and that’s just really not your job. You don’t…

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