MERRY MONDAY: The one with the announcement

MERRY MONDAY: The one with the announcement


Happy Monday, lovelies!

Gather round for announcement time, will you?

When we took family pictures back in 2018, I knew I wanted them done in & outside our home. I wanted to freeze frame time & remember this as where we spent the majority of our minutes as a family. When we moved into this house, Collins was two & Emma James, 4 months. Everything before this house feels like a lifetime ago. When we moved away from Tyler nearly seven years ago (we made a pit stop in Forney before finding this house), I remember asking Jesus– pleading, really– for community. And he delivered in spades. If Jesus had been a pizza delivery guy back then, he would have delivered the cheese we ordered plus the cheesy bread, chocolate chip cookie cake thing, & a couple of two liters just so we knew we were taken care of. And instead of accepting tips, he would have just asked us to share what we’d been given.
With that being said, Brook Hill has always held a top notch place in my heart. I went there– I taught there– I’ve always dreamed of my kids going there. We always said Brook Hill was a possibility for the future, but we love our community in Rockwall so much, the idea of moving away didn’t interest us. Until three or so weeks ago when Blake & I had a conversation about school options for the fall. It didn’t take long before we both knew the time for Brook Hill is now.
So here we go! Jumping in with both feet. One hand full of massive gratitude for this one of a kind opportunity. One hand covered in heartache for the relationships we are moving away from.
I’ve given myself approximately eight hundred pep talks in the last two weeks or so, & I’ve decided one thing– we are as intentional of friends as we decide to be. Life gets busy & geography is tough, but the relationships that matter will remain a priority. And I plan on keeping my desk chock full of stamps & adorable stationery.


Keds x Rifle Paper Co. Water Resistant Boots
It never fails. Every fall/winter when it rains & I’m wearing tennis shoes, I wish I had rain boots. But I never justified buying them. Until now. I was shopping for shoes for the kids, & mama  bought a pair for herself. Meet the cutest rain boots! I plan on wearing these also on days when zero rain is expected.

An Oral History of The Office Podcast
I love learning behind the scenes stuff. Brian Baumgartner, the guy who plays Kevin Malone on The Office, created this podcast that will make every true fan of the show appreciate it on a new level. It’s only four episodes in (it’s designed to be a 12 episode series), but I’ve listened to all of them so far, & it’s fantastic. Brian pulls together facts & perspectives from co-creators & a slew of the cast members.

New Chapter Perfect Hair, Skin, & Nails supplement
My nails have been my arch nemesis since I can remember caring about what my nails look like. They’ve always been thin like a sheet of tracing paper, & nothing I tried ever really helped. I came across this supplement a while back though, & it is a nail vitamin treasure trove. I’ve known biotin was supposed to be good for nail health, but apparently these guys figured out how to ferment their biotin & punch up the potency a notch- I can definitely tell the difference!

2 THINGS I’M LEARNING (or being reminded of)

Pop Tarts might be my favorite packaged junk food.
No matter how much fresh food I eat or how often I tell myself the processed stuff just doesn’t compare in taste, hand me a pop-tart, & it’s game over. When’s the last time you had a pop-tart? Tell me they aren’t delicious!

There is an updo tutorial that exists that is easy, stays in place, & keeps the back of your neck from crying during the summertime.
Okay. I’m not typically a YouTube tutorial person. But a friend sent me this hair tutorial, & it is fantastic knowledge for these heat wave summer months! You do need medium long hair for it to work, but it’s so easy. And it holds up! I used the style on my hair one day, slept on it, & ran with it still pinned up the next morning, & it stayed put (& my neck stayed cool in the process!).

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