How is it already mid-November, you guys?? I really think it was just yesterday that I bought our Halloween costumes a month early & felt like such a boss. Joke’s on me! I try to have all of our Christmas shopping done as close to December 1st as possible so I can truly lean into the Christmas season for what it is meant to be about instead of panicky hustle shopping. That’s no fun. As of this morning, I haven’t actually started yet except for some thought bubbles in my brain, so I best get to it! And you know what’s going to help me? My own gift guide! You can surely google a hundred different gift guides out there with 108 items on each list. This one is smaller, or shall I say, more petit. It only has items I have bought before & recommend as gifts (either to your person or yourself!). I hope it helps stir some new ideas in your head! Christmas shopping should be fun!

Women, you’re up first!


I’ve never known a female who didn’t fall in love with Sephora at first sight. Whether you’re looking for a few glamorous stocking stuffers (face masks, lip balm, you name it– they have sample sizes of everything there) or want to go bigger with some Philosophy bath care or a giant palette of eye shadow, Sephora’s got you covered. Drunk Elephant is my favorite skincare right now, & Sephora has several bundles together right now! Check them out!


This is a solid company, & their denim jacket is a favorite wardrobe piece of mine.

Noonday Collection

I’m honestly not a major jewelry person, but my favorite bag & a pair of stud earrings I wear all the time both came from Noonday. I love being able to shop for myself & others while supporting female artisans around the world.



The Giving Keys

I’ve loved this organization for years, & their products are top notch. I want to order a custom key necklace for the new year, but I haven’t quite settled on a word to focus on yet. Blake gave me a matching necklace & stud earrings set for Mother’s Day last year, & it’s one of my favorite gifts ever.

Simplified Planner

This is the planner I’m using this year, & I’ve already received mine for 2020! A good planner isn’t cheap, so if you know someone who loves organization, this would make a great gift! And yes, you can gift yourself!

Calia outfit

I pretty much ask for a new Calia workout outfit for every gift giving holiday. It’s great quality, & I love the patterns.

Melon hat

This is my favorite winter weather hat! And it’s a great company!

Kate Weiser

These chocolates deserve to go in a candy museum where people stare at them & marvel at their beauty. Lucky for us, they were made to eat & they taste as delicious as they look. A perfect stocking stuffer or teacher gift!

Tea Kettle

I think an old fashioned tea kettle makes for such a sweet touch to a kitchen stovetop. A perfect gift for your fellow tea lover.


These two are my favorites right now. The pictures of the food alone is worth the browse!

Halfbaked Harvest

Magnolia Table


If your person has a big trip coming up or travels on the regular, a nice suitcase is a great gift! Just because their floral cloth suitcase from 1996 still rolls doesn’t mean an upgrade wouldn’t be nice, know what I’m saying? I have the bigger carry-on, & I’m convinced I’ll never check a bag again. Talk about an upgrade.

Essential Oils

If your person has shown interest in oils but has maybe stayed away because it can be a pricey investment, kick it off for them with a diffuser or a starter set of oils. Young Living has a selection of oils specially packaged for the holidays, too!

Travel coffee/tea mug

This would be a great teacher’s gift! (I like this cup because it’s bamboo instead of steel.) Fill the cup with a Starbucks gift card & a note about how awesome they are.

Gift Baskets

I love a good gift basket, & you can literally customize one for any human ranging from newborn to your great grandpa Albert. Think up a theme & the run with it. Buy your items—some can be favorites of your giftee, & some can be new items to try– & then buy a basket to arrange it all in. Add in a few pieces of tissue paper, & bam—you just made a super thoughtful & fun gift that nobody else is going to give them!

Tea & coffee basket

Assortment of hot teas (I like gifting Harney & Sons because they come in those fancy little tins!)

Bag of Fire Dept Coffee (This company is so cool, & their coffee is LEGIT.)

Fun coffee mug

Cookies to eat while sipping (Pepperidge Farm was made for this.)

Peppermint stir sticks

After Hours Drink Basket

Mini bottles of liquor or one bottle of a liquor you know they like

A couple of old-fashioned glasses

Giant ice cube molds

Snack Basket

Depending on if your person is more of a salty or sweets lover, walk the aisle of a Whole Foods or Target for fun & creative snack ideas. Load up on the fun treats! Shopping at a grocery store has never felt so fun.

Garden Basket

Buy some starting gardener tools, some cute gloves, & some packets of seeds. Place a flower arrangement in the center of the basket for a lovely touch & inspiration! You can totally make this a kids’ basket, & include a copy of JoAnna Gaines’ We Are the Gardeners.

Kitchen Basket

There are a lot of kitchen gadgets out there, & it can take a lifetime to acquire all the ones you want! If you know someone who loves spending time in the kitchen or hosting, build them a basket! If you don’t know if they have all the things, just include a gift receipt so they can exchange if needed. You can literally go any direction here– but some ideas: spatula, cheese knives & board, french press, measuring cups, baking sheets.

Date Night at Home Basket

Movie theater candy, popcorn, bottle of wine, a card game to play together, massage oil, new pajamas. Go crazy!


…if you love the idea of a basket but aren’t feeling the DIY part, you can seriously type in any hobby/theme out there + subscription box & find a subscription box already out there!

Sock Club— I got this for my dad two years in a row!

My Garden Box— I got this for my mom last Mother’s Day!

FabFitFun (I haven’t actually bought this one but not because I haven’t wanted to! So many people talk about this one—it seems like so much good stuff is in there!)

And now a note about shopping for your man…

Shopping for grown adult dudes is hard. It may not always be the case, but I feel like their hobbies, tools, & knick-knacks are expensive. Blake will make a list per request, but a) I don’t really like shopping from a list because it’s not creative & then it’s really just me buying something using money from our joint account that he could just as easily buy for himself, & b) We usually stick to stocking stuffers, which an outdoor tv is not. I try to get creative & buy him ultra manly chapstick & shaving cream, but when March rolls around & it’s still hanging out in a miscellaneous drawer, I pick up on the not so subtle subtleties.

So really, I’m not much help in the men in your life department because I am not great at it, myself. I like to find a cool experience when I can—a show we could go see or a concert. A special date night or night away is always a fun gift.

I think the most important thing with a guy is putting yourself in his shoes. For Blake’s 30th birthday, we had a newborn & weren’t doing anything crazy—so I shifted to the creative side & bought him thirty small presents, many of them being silly or nostalgic. I blew up balloons & tagged each gift with a number from 1-30 & had it all set up in the living room the morning of his birthday. He was nice about it, but he did not care one little bit, I DON’T CARE IF HE DENIES IT ALL DAY LONG. You know what he would have liked? A pass to play golf that Saturday & a planned date night.

So think of your guy’s love language & move in that direction. Words of affirmation? Write him a letter about how much he means to you. Gifts? Well, that work well—buy him something, large or small, that can go towards his hobby. Physical touch? Buy him a massage. Or give him a massage! Acts of service? Take the kids for a day date while he does something for himself. Quality time? Plan a fun date night! What would he like to do? A new restaurant? Something adventurous? A concert or show? A sports event? Look up tickets & see what’s coming your way! Even if isn’t happening for months, that’s okay! Or arrange for one of his friends to come to town for a hangout. If he’s an extrovert, get a group together for a fun concert or activity.

Some people do the guy present thing well, but for me, I’d rather Blake just buy his own hobby accessories while I think outside the box & fall short to his gift buying for me. It’s not my fault. I’m incredibly easy to shop for.


I love shopping for my kids any time of year. Their stuff is so fun & colorful & miniature. When it comes to Christmas, we do stockings & then stick to the four thing rule: 1 thing you want, 1 thing you need, 1 think to wear, 1 thing to read. Combined with grandparent & extended family gifts, they still end up with so much stuff, but I’m really trying to move the Christmas focus from being solely on presents. I don’t want the magic of Christmas to die when they realize Santa isn’t real. I want this to just be the beginning of their love for Christmas. It’s not hard to look at a catalogue or in a store & find a cool toy your kid would like–you can do that!–, but here are just a few different options to spice things up!


These shoes are comfortable, durable, & come in every pattern your heart desires. (And honestly, I like them for me as much as the kids.) Plus, they serve a great purpose.


Click HERE for my recent blog on some of my favorite children’s books!

Art bucket:

Same concept as the baskets above, but for this one, buy a plastic tote or bin that can organize it all & your kids can take from room to room & store easily on a shelf.

CrayonsMarkersPaint StixDot DobbersStampsStickersJournal (even my littles love a journal with blank or lined pages because they like to copy their big sister & try to form letters—or they’ll just freeform it & have fun coloring outside the lines.)–Coloring Book

Hanna Andersson pjs

I am such a sucker for their pajamas! I’m really contemplating getting matching family ones this year. They’re so stinking soft. This is a great gift to give on Christmas Eve! And then everyone is all cute for Christmas morning pictures.

There you have it! Hope this makes your Christmas shopping a little extra fun!


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