There was a season that lasted about four years where I honestly never carried a purse. Ever. I had the diaper bag & would just stuff any essentials of my own in one of the outside pockets– my billfold, my phone, a tube of lipstick I never remembered to use. And on the off chance I went somewhere without a tiny human, I’d be in one of two scenarios– 1) forget everything. and it’s really hard to buy things when you don’t have any money on you. or 2) carry everything on its own. I’d hold my billfold & have my keys & phone in opposite pockets. If I had anything else, I just held it all like a helpless dum dum. One time, I actually said the words out loud: I wish I had something to put all this stuff in. And then an angel appeared & said, Good news, Jenna. There has been an invention tailored to fit your exact carrying needs. It’s called a purse.

It should come as no surprise that I now tote a purse the size of a small beach bag because if I’m not going to be carrying around a giant bag filled with diapers, I may as well be carrying one filled with my stuff. I try to keep it fairly organized because I don’t need another junk drawer in my life, & plus, because of its size, things can seriously go missing for days in there.

So today, I thought I’d share what’s in my purse! Why? Because maybe you’re in the market for that perfect pen to write shimmering grocery lists. Or maybe because you’ve always been curious how someone actually fills up a bag this size. Or because if we were sitting over a cup of coffee together, this might be something we’d talk about because women can make a fun conversation out of anything because it is one of our gifts.

So here we go!

  1. For starters, THIS is the purse I’m carrying. I got it last Christmas, & I’m loving it. Noonday is such an amazing company, & supporting their artisans while also getting something stylish in return is a win win.
  2. Since I mentioned pens earlier, THESE are my go-to pens. I’m a bit of a pen snob. I don’t work for ink, & I don’t want to mess with a cap because pen caps are so 1999. I always keep navy on hand for my writing. I’m also a sucker for THESE pens because they’re just fun. They are what I used to use to take notes with in college, & the kids love to use them when we “journal” together.
  3. My planner. This is another thing I’m not sure how I lived so long without. I’ve always been a list maker & a meal planner. For a while, I tried doing the whole phone calendar thing because it’s right there, but I just can’t get into it. It’s not fun or colorful. Plus, I like writing things down! I remember things better when I write them down, & there’s always room in a planner for lists. I like me a good list. Long live the lists. I’ve already ordered mine for 2020, & it’s so pretty.
  4. A book (<— This is the specific book in my bag right now.) When I read Stephen King’s book, On Writing, he talked about how he makes time for reading by looking for all the tiny bits of time. This was before iPhones were invented. I definitely still check Instagram when I’m in the checkout line, but now when I find a surprising ten minutes of downtime, I’ll pull out my book instead. I am trying to learn how to read a non-fiction & fiction book at the same time, but I’m finding this takes practice for me. Are you a one at a time book reader, or can you do multiple genres all within a day? In my ideal world, I would read non fiction in the mornings to kickstart my day & a fiction story in the afternoons/evenings.
  5. Hand lotion. My hands need moisture. Especially now that the weather is getting dry & cold.
  6. Lip balm. Same story for my lips. Dry lips are sad lips.
  7. Lipstick. You guys know I love a red lip! I splurged on this lipstick purchase because I loved how light & moisturizing it felt & how long it lasted. I literally only ever apply it once in a day. People will say (not necessarily to me) they wish they could pull off a red lip. And you know what?? I used to say the same thing, & then I just decided I was going to be one of those people, & I did the thing! Sometimes you just have to jump in the boat & claim your seat, sister. Plus, I’m such a fan of doing minimal makeup, & with a red lip, I don’t feel like I need much of anything else. I’ll darken my brows & swipe on some mascara. That’s a four minute makeup routine, you guys!
  8. Phone. Okay, obviously. But I wanted to tag my phone case HERE. This loopy case is everything! If you are a mom, you need a solid phone case. My screen is currently cracked, which makes it ironic that I would be talking like I am about the importance of a case. But it wasn’t the case’s fault. It was me trying to carry 75,000 things inside the house from the car at one time & plummeting my phone to the ground with the force of a major league pitcher.
  9. Stationery set. I like to carry around some cute notecards with me so if a person comes to mind that I want to encourage or thank, I can do it the next time I have a spare minute. Words are powerful, & a handwritten note is literally a 50 cent gift that will brighten anyone’s day.
  10. Beats. I always keep my headphones with me. I wear them when I work out, when I read & write, & when I grocery shop alone. Grocery shopping = Podcast time.

So what’s in your bag?

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