In the summertime, there’s nothing that I enjoy putting together more than a cheese & charcuterie board. Maybe it’s a small one for a snacky dinner or a massive one for a baby shower or dinner party. Zero cooking is required, & it’s one of the only times you’ll be encouraged to play with your food. Plus, tiny label fun! And you don’t have to travel to the big city to find good cheese board ingredients. Everything you see here was purchased at Kroger.

But now that the leaves are changing & the weather is cooling, my mind turns more to cold weather foods– soups & warm, buttery bread– a glass of red wine & an arugula salad (did you read what I love adding to my winter salads in this week’s e-mail? It’s a mandatory ingredient!). So when we were part of hosting a couple’s baby shower last weekend & I was in charge of the s’mores, I decided to take my board skills to new territory.

same butcher block as the cheese board!

This was by far the most fun couple’s baby shower I’ve ever been to! The weather was lovely, so it was in our back yard. We had chili & beer & corn hole set up to play. Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors played on the speaker, & we had our first fire of the season.

Do you remember on Friends when Phoebe gets put in charge of ice for the party so she decides to SHOW UP with some serious ice game? That was basically me we s’mores. I think I bought enough chocolate, marshmallows, & cookies for 100. Phoebe Buffet doesn’t play around, & neither do I.

So if you’re looking for a fun treat that requires zero cooking, think about creating a s’mores bar!

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