I’m just going to cut straight to the secret, you guys– this is the closest you can get to eating dessert for breakfast while still consuming something healthy. Whether you like eating zucchini or not, zucchini has a magical component when it comes to baking…you can’t actually taste it, & yet it amplifies the goodness of every other ingredient in the recipe. While some healthier muffins can be dry, these are like literal cake. We can also thank applesauce for that. These muffins are grain, dairy, & nut free (although they do contain coconut). If you feel you must add dairy to remain your true self, slather some salted butter or cream cheese on top. These also make great lunchbox additions!

So, it’s my birthday week! Well technically, my birthday is Sunday, so I guess next week is my birthday week, but that doesn’t seem as fun so I’ll go ahead & claim it now. Last year was my big 3-0, & Blake & I went to NYC. Gosh, I love New York. Especially in the fall! One thing I love about birthdays is it feels like you don’t need a reason to do something fun or make something special– you do it because it’s your birthday! Want to get your nails done? Birthday! Out to coffee with a friend? Birthday! Saturday brunch with the family? Birthday! Birthdays remind you that you’re special, & everyone needs to feel special sometimes. And one thing that makes me feel special is getting to spend time writing this blog & creating community in this space– so thank you for being a part of it! I truly am so grateful.

CHOCOLATE ZUCCHINI MUFFINS courtesy of Danielle Walker‘s Eat What You Love

Yield: 24 muffins


1 ½ C shredded zucchini

8 large eggs

¾ real deal maple syrup

1 C unsweetened applesauce

2/3 C coconut flour

1/2 C Primal Kitchen Unflavored Collagen (optional)

1/2 C cacao powder

6 T arrowroot flour

1 T baking soda

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp nutmeg

½ tsp salt

1/2 C chocolate chips (If you want dairy free, try these!)

*I buy the majority of my non-perishable ingredients from Thrive Market!


  1. Shred your zucchini (two should be plenty!) & let drain on paper towels while you get the rest of your ingredients ready. (You can use a hand grater or food processor to shred your zucchini.)
  2. Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees, & line your muffin tin with silicone liners. If you don’t have liners, grease your tin with butter or coconut oil.
  3. Crack your eggs in a large glass bowl. Add syrup & applesauce & combine  using your electric mixer.
  4. Add in all of your dry ingredients.
  5. Fold in your zucchini (break it up before putting it in your mixing bowl so it’s not one big piece). Fold in 1/4 of your chocolate chips.
  6. Fill your muffin cups 2/3 of the way full. Sprinkle the rest of your chocolate chips on top.
  7. Bake for 22-25 minutes or until center shows to be set with a toothpick.
  8. If you want to freeze some for later, let cool completely before storing! To thaw, remove from the freezer the night before & let them thaw at room temperature.

If you want to make them alongside us, check out the video below!

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