VISIT: Breckenridge, Colorado

VISIT: Breckenridge, Colorado


Last fall, Blake & I attended a fundraiser, & there was a silent auction. We perused the tables at the beginning of the evening & put an early bid down for a week long stay at a cabin in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Long story short, we won!

We decided to go in the summer for some solid family time before Collins started kindergarten. And then we decided to make it our first big road trip. I’ve been excited for a long time to take road trips as a family, but I also understand that doing that voluntarily with babies could make me like them a lot less….so we waited a bit. Without stops, it was around thirteen hours. I made art boxes, packed a laundry hamper full of snacks, borrowed movies & checked more out from the library, & kept the Family Road Trip playlist from Spotify handy. Everyone had a sweater & a toy. Blake & I shared his AirPods & binged all of season three of This is Us. Only slip-on shoes were allowed. We stopped every few hours either somewhere with a playground or at least some space to run around. We split the trip into two days both going & coming home, & stayed somewhere with a pool so they could swim all their energy out.

And ya know what? It went surprisingly well!

It’s funny how much prep & energy you put into the traveling portion of the trip, & then you arrive & are like, Oh yeah, we still have the vacation part left! (It’s kind of like when you’re going through your first pregnancy & you put so much energy into prepping for pregnancy & the birth & then the baby is born, & you’re like Oh wow, I forgot to prep for you!) I had put so much planning into packing that I had done zero research for our time there. How far away is our cabin from town? No clue. Are there lots of kid friendly restaurants? If not, we have a laundry hamper full of snacks. What kind of activities are there? Beats me. Is it supposed to rain while we’re here? If so, we’ll have to buy rain jackets. And we did.

But thanks to the handy dandy world wide web & a back porch overlooking the river, it was easy to make some plans. The great thing about Breckenridge is everything is kind of right there on Main Street. And did I mention Main Street is so charming? There’s even a Christmas store, you guys. Besides looking for rain jackets, it’s the only shop I went inside. There were a lot of cute looking shops, but if we were in town & not eating, chances were we were at one of the two playgrounds on Main.

The high was 75 degrees, you guys. SEVENTY FIVE. That’s forty degrees cooler than it was in Texas. The cabin didn’t have AC, & we cared zero times! Because we were staying on the river, it was actually cold in the mornings– I was wearing a coat in August. And I can only brag about that now because I’m melting like the rest of you.

So what exactly did we do? Well, we definitely hit up every sweet spot that town has to offer. We went to the donut shop, two candy stores, the cookie store, & the ice cream shop. You could watch them make the waffle cones from scratch in the ice cream shop, & it smelled more heavenly than a Cinnabon.

But besides the daily sugar rush, what did we do?

Top restaurants (all kid-friendly): Mi Casa, The Canteen, & Giampietro Pasta & Pizzeria. And for breakfast, we hopped around & were pleased everywhere we went, but if I had to choose one to take the crew back to, it would be Columbine Cafe.

Country Boy Mine

It rained two of the days we were there, so one of the days, we drove a few miles to the Country Boy Mine. We got to take a tour through the mine & learn some history of Breckenridge & what it was like working in a mine– they kept it super kid friendly even though working in a mine sounded like the worst thing ever. Afterward, the kids got to pan for gold. There is a little general store there where two little donkeys took shelter from the rain, & they became Jude’s buddies. We spent probably two hours there– a perfect morning activity!

Breckenridge Backstage Theater

On day two of the rain, Ellen (Blake’s mom) & I took the girls to see Totally Red, the kids play they were performing for the summer. It was funny & only 45 minutes, so that was perfect for them. While we did that, the boys rode the gondola round trip (26 minute ride) for some fun views of the mountains. (The gondola is free!)

Epic Discovery

We took the gondola up to Epic Discovery for a morning packed with awesome activities. It’s like summer camp in the mountains (& fyi, they do actually have a kids day camp if adults want to do their own thing). Let me just give the little disclaimer here that this little venture is not cheap. But let me also say that if you can swing it, it’s worth it! I think everyone’s favorite activity was riding the ski lift up to the top of the Alpine Slide & then sliding down. You control your speed, & you can really book it down that slope! I road it once with Emma & once with Jude, & they were all about it. Look at that view from the top of the slide! Magic.

Other activities the kids tried: tube sliding, bungee trampoline, ropes course, & the bounce house.

There were several other activities to do that looked awesome, but that’s what our tickets covered. I’ll also add in that they have height requirements for all of the activities (you can see those on the website, too). For most of the things, Collins was the only one tall enough to participate. Emma & Jude were both barely tall enough for the slide.

Fairy Forest

I’m so glad we found this! We wanted to hike but knew we couldn’t do anything crazy with the kids, & this was perfect. We went on our first day there to explore, & then Blake & I took the girls back on our last day (his parents kept Jude, & they rode the gondola some more, ha) so we could add our own fairy house to the collection. There are different ways to get to the fairy forest, & I couldn’t tell you what we ended up doing now if I tried, but I think from start to finish, it was three miles. Once we were through all of the fairy houses, we kept exploring across some bridges & by the river.

the fairy house we made! complete with Christmas tree & the big bad wolf as the tree topper.

Carboy Winery and Heartstone

Yay for grandparents & date nights! We were granted two date nights, which was AWESOME. The first night, we ate dinner at Hearthstone, & I tried lamb for the first time & felt tres fancy. On our second date night, we explored Main Street a little sans kiddos, & landed at Carboy Winery, where I ordered my first wine flight, & it was so fun! Plus, that cheese board. Yum.

Bottom Line: We loved our time in Breckenridge as a family & highly recommend it if you’re looking for some time away in the mountains!


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