I’ve always been a snacker. I mean, who doesn’t feel happier with a snack in hand? But add three tiny humans to the mix who also live for the snacks, & it’s like Why do I even make all the meals? Our world revolves around snacks. I remember after Jude was born, the thought of dishing out snacks to the girls on top of feeding them actually meals was like asking me to run for president…or run a marathon. It felt like they were asking an awful lot of me. So for a good long while, I would make a chart at the beginning of the week, & by chart, I mean scribbles on the back of a grocery list that I stuck to the fridge like an award. On it were all the snacks we currently had on hand so I knew my options. This small act made me feel on the offense instead of on defense. Gosh, snacks & children really are the boss of me.

Here are some snacks I try to always have at the ready that require zero or minimal prep. It’s why you won’t find smoothies or anything that requires baking on this list….no ma’am. That’s not a snack. That’s a delicacy.


Pretzel Crisps + Cheese Stick + grapes (yes, I know it’s a pain to cut all those baby grapes in half lengthwise….I don’t even know if I will ever eat a grape without subconsciously cutting it in half every again.)(Also, if you’re a Costco shopper, go ahead & put the big bag of pretzel crisps in your cart. You won’t be sorry.) (Oh yeah, one more thing. I like the buy Kerrygold Cheese from Costco. I buy two blocks & cut one into sticks & shred the other. It stores super well in the freezer.)

This Bar Saves Lives Chocolate Chip bar

Mama Chia Squeeze pouches

Once Upon a Farm pouches (Collins is over the pouch thing for the most part but will drink their smoothies)

Buddha Popcorn + Raisin/Dried Cranberries + few chocolate chips

Carrot sticks + Pretzel Crips + Red Pepper Hummus (this variety of hummus is a little sweeter)

KIND Breakfast bars (blueberry is the fave, & the girls ate these for breakfast every day for the first two months of Jude’s life.)

Apple + spoonful of peanut butter (This is always great snack. But also– if they’ve already had an afternoon snack but are still claiming starvation, I’ll offer an apple. If they’re truly hungry, they’ll eat it. If they’re just wanting another granola bar, they can survive until dinner.)

*Also, you can, of course, purchase your snacks wherever you choose, but I get the majority of the items listed above from Thrive Market. (See picture below for evidence.) They ship right to your house, you guys….you cannot beat this!


Apple + Almond Butter (Now if I could just convince myself to close the jar after I take a few spoonfuls out…)

Roasted cashews + Dried cranberries or berries

This Bar Saves Lives chocolate cherry bar

Pretzel Crips + (Carrots + Hummus) or (Cheese + Grapes)

Fage Plain Greek Yogurt + 1 Tablespoon Chocolate Ghee (This is also excellent post dinner when I’m craving dessert but don’t want to roll thyself into bed)

I hope this is helpful in adding to your snack arsenal! A very similar version of this went out as one of my Monday morning e-mails a couple of weeks ago, & I thought I’d share it here as an example. If you would like to get a lovely e-mail sent straight to your inbox every Monday morning full of tips/ideas/good old fashioned cheer, sign up here!

Happy Snacking!

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