If I could be a professional traveler, I’d do it in a heartbeat. The list of places I want to explore around the world is infinite, & even if I live to be 107, I don’t know that I can expect to visit them all. But maybe!

Something Blake & I love to do together is plan vacations. We don’t go into too much detail because we may not book the actual plane tickets for decades, but it’s really fun to look up new places & create a dream vacation bucket list together. This is a great date night conversation, for sure! And I’m all about heading to Barnes & Nobles & looking through their travel books for inspiration.

PORTLAND, OREGON circa 2015. I was super sick this entire trip, but we still loved being there!

AUSTIN, TX circa 2017. We babymooned around a few cities in Texas.

ACADIA NATIONAL PARK, MAINE circa 2013. I love, love, loved this trip. Best lobster ever.

NYC circa 2018 for my 30th Birthday. Hamilton was a jaw dropping dream.

One of my goals is to start planning more vacations– both for just Blake & myself as well as family trips. Saving money & making these adventures a priority is important to us! Sometimes we need a romantic getaway but haven’t set aside the block of time or the finances, so we opt for a weekend in Ft Worth or Austin– & those are still a great gift to our marriage! But I want us to explore the world together, & I’d like to start before we hit retirement.

These are five places on our dream vacation bucket list– I’ve linked an extra dreamy hotel for each destination that I would absolutely wish upon a star to stay during our trip.


My grandma (the Egyptian one) used to talk to me about Italy all the time when I was growing up. She painted such a romantic picture for me, & I’ve dreamed of going ever since. A few years before she died, I gave her a ginormous book about Italy, chock full of pictures, so she could reminisce about a country she loved. I have the book now, & I can’t wait to plan my trip with the help of her inspiration. In my mind, we spend a couple of days in Venice & then take the train through Italy down to the Amalfi Coast, where I think we’d live our best lives.


For a while I wondered if Hawaii was all it was cracked up to be or if there was just a lot of hype around it. But then two of our couple friends both went, & when they told us about their time, we were sold! It sounds like the perfect ratio of gorgeous beach relaxing & adventure opportunities like hiking, scenic driving, & helicopter riding. I’m ready for you, Maui!


Ever since I saw the movie, PS I Love You with Gerard Butler & Hilary Swank, I’ve marked this as a must-visit. And when our Supper Club question was to describe your dream travel day, mine started with sitting on an Ireland coastal cliff, watching the sunrise with a hot cup of coffee in my hands. I think the culture would sweep me up in such a storybook way. Plus, I think if Blake got to golf there, it may be nearly equivalent to golfing in heaven, itself.


We almost went here for our honeymoon, but we decided we wanted to go in the summer. (Our honeymoon was in December, & we went to NYC. It’s officially one of my forever favorite cities.) Okay, back to Canada. I want to hike & white water raft & spend every moment outside here.


Because I want to fully experience everything a new city has to offer, I’m not excellent at simply resting on a vacation. We’ve actually never taken a beach vacation together for that reason– we usually opt for a location that makes way for more exploring. But when we are looking for a place where we want to rest & be pampered, this will be it. Plus, if we have a bit more time & want to explore more of California, we could take a scenic drive up to Napa.

So far, these are a few of our dream vacation plans in a nutshell! Do you dream up future vacations? Where are you most excited to travel?


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