When I workout, it’s usually in the early morning, so I need some STRONG music to get my head motivated & my body moving. Maybe I was sleeping like a hibernating bear thirty minutes ago, but play a song from Hamilton, & it looks like I’m in a charismatic church service from outside my car window. Knowing all the words isn’t required…just give me the beat & a general idea of where the song’s going, & I’ll perform the heck out of it. Side Note: It’s also relevant to mention that already having music blasting in my ears when I walk in the gym helps me stay in my zone. The gym is usually hopping before the sun rises, & while this is not my favorite, you better believe I’m not going to let it slow me down. You’re going to think I’m such a nerd here, but I totally pretend I’m acting in a movie & my music is my soundtrack. Think about every motivating/pursuit-driven scene in your favorite movie, & tell me the music doesn’t inspire you! And it works! If I walk into the gym hearing my personalized soundtrack & feeling like I belong there—like I’m expected to be there, I approach my workout with a whole new level of confidence. I barely even notice anyone else being around me.

Now, when it comes to stretching, I like to switch gears with my playlist. If the purpose of my workout soundtrack is to pump me up, the purpose of my stretch soundtrack is to remind me who I am. Stretching is the last thing I do before I head home to kick off a new day with my kids, & I want to be in the best possible headspace. The number one goal I write down for myself every day is I am the most positive person I know. That doesn’t mean I’m always happy or cheesy & fake.


To me, being positive means making decisions through the lens of seeing the love of Jesus first. If I am confident in the love Jesus has for me, I feel confident in who he has created me to be. If I am confident in the love Jesus has for me, little things remain little things. If I am confident in the love Jesus has for me, my perspective is wide but my focus is narrow. If I am confident in Jesus’ love for me, I tend to see the best in others because I start seeing them through Jesus’ love for them. By constantly having the loop of Jesus’ love for me playing in my mind, I am the strongest version of myself & am at my best for living my day. Anyway, I love listening to these songs while I stretch. I naturally close my eyes when I’m stretching & with listening to these songs on top of that, don’t be alarmed when your stretch session turns into church service #2 of your morning.


So I thought I’d have a little fun & create two specific playlists on Spotify to show you what I’m talking about! Buckle up because these two playlists could not be more diverse. And a small disclaimer, the workout playlist is not PG. But I am a thirty-year-old grownup who can listen to the occasional curse word without feeling the need to repeat it on the playground.

A tiny word on Spotify for Spotify-newbies:

For a music lover who doesn’t make the time to search out new music & coordinate personal playlist all the time, Spotify has been my answer! I do recommend going Premium, which is $10 a month (or you can do a family plan of $15 a month like Blake & I do…this way, we both can keep track of our personal libraries, but it’s under one account). Premium lets you choose specific songs instead of it just playing on shuffle, & there are no ads. Hallelujah for no ads. I don’t know anything that can kill a music vibe more quickly than an ad for Mucinex. And y’all, I never have to buy music! Spotify literally covers all music purchasing expenses now. They pay attention to what you’re listening to (in a non-creepy way) & curate playlists for you based on your tastes. I’m listening to Austin Stone Instrumentals playlist right now….it’s perfect for my writing days. So if you are on the fence about trying it out or not (PS you get a free 30 day trial), hope this helps!

Hop on the Spotify train here!

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