People up north must surely have a system. For starters, everyone owns a true winter coat because they’re guaranteed long-term cold weather (unlike us Texans who are all, “Well it’s 75 today so we dug out t-shirts for everyone, but the forecast is saying the high is 31 tomorrow so I guess we’ll just keep piling on those layers & hope for the best”). Texas can be dumb. But I’m not here to rag on my state– I’m here because while Texas keeps us on our toes, it has not given us a proper education for harrowing the few & far between winter days we are succumbed to.

If you have little kids, this list is for you. I mean, I have no problem with you making a pallet out of couch cushions for yourself. Have at it, sister. But this list is truly life-saving for a mama trying to keep cabin fever at bay. Some resort to crafts on days like this. But to be honest, that’s just not me. Maybe when mine are a smidge older, but right now, it feels like a lot of prep/planning for a 10 minute craft. Plus, Jude just tries to eat his.

How to Handle Winter in Texas.

  1. Dance party. I know I’ve talked about this before, but we really do have a dance party just about every day so it’s worth mentioning here. Spotify has opened my eyes to dance party potential. They make playlists for you! All you have to do is hit shuffle. We have a mini Bose speaker as well as a few Sonos speakers if we are looking for more of a surround sound.
  2. Couch cushion pileup. I started taking cushions off the couch when Emma was big enough to climb on the couch by herself but I didn’t want her falling off on to the hard floor. The couch then became a trampoline, & now our cushions double as landing zones & slides just as much as they do places to sit.
  3. Musicals. It’s a cross between a rainy day movie & a dance party. The Sound of Music. The Greatest Showman. Mamma Mia. Hairspray. Beauty and the Beast. La La Land. Mary Poppins (I can’t wait for the new one to come out on DVD!). Obviously, if your kids are older, you have to decide what is appropriate. But when they’re still little, you can go from song to song if the dialogue is too much. Musicals just always seem to put a pep in my step, & a rainy day is a good day for that.
  4. Hot tea. This if for you, dear reader. Coffee may be your lifeline, but tea contributes some caffeine while also giving you a relaxed vibe. My favorite is earl grey with a touch a cream & sugar mixed in. It’s absolutely a delight on a rainy afternoon.
  5. Bake something. Maybe baking is like my craft time? I love flipping through cookbooks & getting ideas for breakfasts & treats. Cooking still feels like too much with my kids because there is usually chopping involved, but baking is pretty innocent. Scones? Muffins? Cookies? Knock yourself out.
  6. Pile on a bed together & let everyone pick a book for you to read to them. We usually reserve books for bedtime, & the kids rotate who gets to choose. So on a day where we make room for everyone to have a turn is fun! I would love to make this happen more often.


I hope this helps you survive any impending cold/rainy days we have in our future!

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