I did not want to work out today. I know there are some people on planet Earth who live for the sweat, but I am not one of them. Those people are on a special tier. They either a) don’t have kids b) work out for a living & are already in crazy good shape or c) unicorn. I played volleyball in high school, & even though I loved it so much, I almost quit two weeks into varsity because my coach made us run every day, & in my mind, I had built up running to be the ABSOLUTE WORST. I’ve come a long way since then, but even now, running is more the conditioning I need to prepare for the actual physical exertion I enjoy & not for the running in itself. Also, I do not understand people who make spontaneous decisions to go out for a light 3 mile jog. That is an oxymoron.

But I have an advantage. It’s one thing to hear & know the benefit of working out & treating your body well– it’s a whole other thing to experience it. And I have, often. Even though every early morning, I’d rather sleep than head to the gym, I know what’s on the other side of that hour. Even though there’s a certain group class that still makes me nervous because it’s so dang hard, I know how on top of the world I feel when it’s over. When you have the advantage of feeling a glimpse of the outcome, it’s much easier to keep going.

So I remind myself. Over & over again. If I’m ever a professional pep talker, it will be because I practice on myself every day.

Don’t think about it—just do it. Do it because you have a body that can move. Do it because it reminds you how strong you are & how far you’ve come. Smile & laugh at least once while you’re working out to remind you this is not punishment but something you are grateful to do. Laughing also cuts the tension & lets you off the hook from taking yourself so seriously. Walk into the gym with your head held high because you belong there as much as anyone else. Blast some music in your ears that reminds you how awesome you are. You are strong. Act like it. Run like it. Push yourself like it. You are a winner because you keep showing up for yourself.

Sometimes a shift in perspective is all it takes. You have always had the strength & courage in you to do the thing—you just have to remind yourself.

Give yourself a pep talk, & then go show up for yourself. You’re ready.

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