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I wrote these posts about my kids on different days, but I keep going back to them individually to re-read because they’re all just in such sweet parts of their lives. So I thought I’d combine them here. People say the days go by slow, but to me, the days seem to be flying, especially since I’ve started writing more. Stopping every once in a while to jot down a memory or story to remember is important to me– just as important as snapping the picture or taking the video. I always think I’ll remember it all, but who am I kidding? I need all the help I can get! I got to visit my beautiful friend, Courtney, in the hospital this weekend after she had her precious firstborn, Lewis Elizabeth. I held her, whispered secrets about fun plans I have for our future, & then I went home to my kids who all of the sudden seemed very grown up. It goes by fast– I don’t need a teenager to understand that fact. And if I could choose one word to hold on to right now, it’s this– Savor.

Collins Piper.

This girl is so ready to start kindergarten next fall. (She’s already asking if she can get a colorful tassel for her backpack!) When I think about it, I get sad sometimes– five full days of school? It feels like a massive shift. But when I ask her about it, she lights up with so much excitement, it’s contagious. Love this girl so much.
(She’s also the girl who loves answering questions with great assurance! On Christmas Eve, when her teacher at church asked the angel’s name in the Christmas story (Gabriel), Collins’s hand sparked up as she proclaimed GARY! I feel like more of these stories are in our future.)


Emma James.

Girl born of my heart. She asks to be picked up 28 times a day so one of my goals this year is to pick her up every day without her asking. Hold her. Dance with her. Love her. Whisper that she’s beautiful. She asks to play with my hair all the time, & even when it’s an attempt to stay up later, sometimes I still let her because it’s a bubble of time for just the two of us.


Jude Grey.

He was in my room while I was putting on my makeup & then he kept pretending he was leaving– he’d say bye & wave & close the door behind him, only to reappear laughing 1.5 seconds later. I felt a catch in my throat while I laughed with him, trying to memorize the moment in front of me while also rehearsing the same speech I’ve told myself so many times already during his little life– What a gift it is to be your mom. What a joy it is to be your first girl. You’re growing every day. More independent. One day, I’ll look to the door & instead of a little boy, I’ll see a man. You won’t need me then like you do now. And that’s okay because it’s the way it’s supposed to be. I was never meant to be your center for all of time. But how special to be in that role today. I’m praying our love will always be strong even as it evolves. And I’m hoping I always remember this moment I’m trying so hard to memorize. Baby boy, you were created for greatness. So grateful I get to be a part of it.


Professional Photos by AJ’s Expressions

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