Another reason Lorelai Gilmore is my spirit animal.

I’m a movie girl– always have been & plan to always be. I watch movies for a good laugh. I watch them for inspiration. I put myself in the shoes of every character that comes across the screen, which is why I do NOT watch scary movies. But Christmas movies? They are some of my favorites. Hallmark Christmas movies have some issues– they’re kind of like old school Disney princess movies for adults. They always end with a happy, romantic ending, & there’s about as much diversity as all ten seasons of Friends combined. And yet, they make me feel warm & fuzzy, & I’m here for it. Hallmark Christmas movies are my warmup movies. They prime me for my staple movies. And now that we are less than a week from Christmas Day, it’s marathon time.

These are my go-to Christmas flicks. (Click each title for a trailer!)


This is our post-Christmas-morning movie. Presents have been opened, at least one baby is napping, & a Christmas mug of hot chocolate is in my hand.


This is my Christmas Eve movie. It’s not my finale because I really want the finale to be straight joy & celebration, & this one experiences some hard times. It’s such a solid reminder of seeing our value in this world & the way we impact it by the way we love, & I feel like it gears me up with a clear perspective for the big day.


This is my favorite modern holiday flick. I’ll be honest though. When I saw it in theaters in 2005, I felt super uncomfortable & questioned the movie as a whole because of the conversation about being gay. But I’ve widened my horizons since then, & this is one I don’t just watch at Christmas time. Also, the cast is fantastic.


This is another one that is good for getting in the holiday spirit. It really has nothing to do with Christmas, but it’s at Christmas time & deals with feelings heightened around this time of year– love & loneliness. Also, I’m a sucker for an English accent, & every time I hear Jude Law’s character’s daughters talk, I consider moving to London just so my kids will talk like them.


This is one I never watched until last year with Blake, but it’s hilarious, & I think it totally deserves a seat at the Christmas family table. Also, enjoy looking at the interior design of each room in the Griswald home & be so grateful trends have changed over the last twenty years.

MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET (1994 version)

This is my nostalgia movie. I loved watching this movie growing up because I never believed in Santa, but this movie made me feel like I still could.


It’s funny. I like to quote parts of it. It’s one that I don’t have to sit & watch the whole thing, but it’s fun to have on while we bake cookies or decorate the tree.


It’s a classic. It’s funny. It has a solid meaning that shows in the end. My kids will watch it with me. Jim Carrey is hilarious.


Another one for the nostalgia books. This is also the first movie that made me want to go to New York City (which is ironic because he kind of has a rough go there). That cheese pizza in the limo though– man, what a life.

What’s your go-to Christmas movie? Whatever it is, I hope you watch it this weekend with someone you love & enjoy some hot cocoa & a cookie while you’re at it!


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