Let’s cut right to it. Are you happy with your life? I’m not looking for an immediate YES-OF-COURSE-I-AM answer the way a kid yells JESUS! no matter what the question is in Sunday School. I hope you are happy, of course, & I hope that by asking a few questions, you may become even more satisfied without necessarily changing anything on the outside. So let’s think about it.

When you were eight years old and started piecing together who you wanted to be when you grew up, what did that picture look like? Can you remember? What about when you were graduating high school? What kinds of dreams did you hold for yourself? How about when you decided to get married or have a baby?

Hopefully every path you have chosen this far has been because of a strong desire & passion. Sure, maybe you aren’t following the career path your 8 year old self lined out, but the real question is, Would your 8 year old self like where you are now?

Maybe you are exactly where you want to be on paper. Maybe you have the great job— or you’re married & fulfilling a dream of staying home with your babies. Maybe you feel like you can’t answer the question asking if you’re happy with anything less than YES because you don’t want to seem ungrateful.

The thing is, you be grateful & still be a crab-miser.

So how do you portray your life on a daily basis? That’s what the 8-year-old version of you cares about. She couldn’t care less how it all looks on paper. Does she see you conquering that job with confidence because you know who you are? Does she see you in healthy relationships? Does she see you smile a lot with your kids?

Or does she see you trying to show people how hard your life is on Instagram because you crave the affirmation? Does she hear you sigh & groan more than she hears you laugh & speak with kindness?

The true ticket is choosing joy. Don’t look elsewhere for approval or value or identity. If you were on an island by yourself with nothing to hide behind—no job or family or projects—who would you be? Is it who you want to be?

We only get this one life, you & me. And it’s up to us to be the best version of ourselves. Other people (even the ones who love us) and jobs aren’t going to get us there. If anything, they’ll distract us. We work on ourselves by asking the hard questions & taking the ownership– & then instead of letting life dictate who we are, we take who we are & impact the lives we’re living. I think our 8-year-old selves would be pretty proud of that.

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