My Favorite Things- The June Edition

My Favorite Things- The June Edition

Summer is officially in full swing with its heat advisory warnings and the smell of sunscreen in the air. We aren’t getting out much because we have a newborn and also because I don’t like to feel like my skin is melting off my body. We do go for walks in the mornings, though, and I think Collins is adopting my feelings for summer. When I told her we were going for a walk a few days ago, she pointed at the door and said, But it’s so hot. Frozen blueberries to the rescue! Thank you, Costco. You allow me to buy a bag of a million frozen blueberries for ten bucks.

Here are my favorite things helping me survive and thrive this month.


I’m still relatively new to the podcast world, but they’ve become a nifty way to listen to other people share thoughts on everything imaginable. I’m a fly on the wall of all these conversations, and it feels like the best of both worlds because I’m getting to be involved in some spiffy banter while not actually having to contribute anything at all. When reading feels like too much work, a podcast is always an option because I can literally participate with my eyes closed. They’re also the best for those morning walks. Collins gets her Sofia the First soundtrack, and I get to hear adults talking to each other.

These have been my favorites this month:

The Popcast with Knox and Jamiepopcast

These two are hilarious and fill me in on all the pop culture I’m completely unaware is happening. When I just want to be entertained and laugh a lot, this is my win.



Magic Lessons (Elizabeth Gilbert)ML

This is my second time listening to this podcast. When I want to be encouraged to live out my creativity, this always satisfies. Each of the twelve episodes is inspiring, and the final episode with Brené Brown is so chock full of greatness on its own.


Off Camera with Sam Jonessam jones

I’ve always had a thing for learning about actors I like. I want to know what they’re like in real life—they’re opinions and personality. I’m in the middle of listening to his interview with Kristen Bell right now, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t developing a girl crush on her.


Balance Ballball

Seriously? Yes, seriously! I have to throw this out there because if you have a fussy baby at home, this may save your life. I’m sure there are articles out there with theories and facts, but all I can say is the ball has never failed. So if you come to my house, you may want to bring your own so you can join the party.





Bob Goff’s InstagramLove-Does

Have you read his book Love Does? If you haven’t, stop reading this, hop on over to Amazon, and buy it. I’m so serious. I tend to not re-read books, even the ones I love, because there are so many still waiting to be read. His book is a unicorn exception—it makes me better and gives me a brighter filter for the world.

His posts on Instagram are like little snacks that feed my soul and remind me Love is really not complicated. It would be the biggest honor to meet this man one day, but until then, I’ll just keep reading Love Does and “liking” the mess out of his Instagram posts.

Pandora Radio


These are the top stations on my Pandora right now:

White Noise (for moments like now when I’m typing in a crowded Starbucks)

90s Christmas (because I am not ashamed to belt out some Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays with NSYNC)

Summer Hits of the 2000s (I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch…need I say more?)

Pink (for those days I want to up my boss game)

Sofia the First Cast (Collins and I can jam every song on this station)

Boy Bands Radio (Do my above stations not explain why I would be listening to this station?)

When we need fun tunes, Pandora is where we go.

About TimeAbout_Time_Poster

The movie. The soundtrack. Both are dear to my heart. This movie should absolutely be on your list to watch—and then you’ll want the soundtrack. Rachel McAdams is just my favorite, and Bill Weasley Domhnall Gleeson is the perfect ginger for the role.

*Just a note that this movie is rated R—primarily for language. (There are some Brits in here, and you know how they feel about the f-word.) Just a heads up.


Enjoy these last few days of June, and don’t forget to hydrate like a boss.

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  1. Kathy King on June 27, 2016 at 2:13 pm

    Loved it!!! I am a native Texan, why does the heat bother me soooo much??? I need a swimming pool, yes!!! Can’t wait to see you & Collins & meet Emma James😍😍😍

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