My Favorite Things– The April Edition

My Favorite Things– The April Edition

This month has been full of fun things, and I’m so excited to tell you about them this second!

Alamo DrafthouseIMG_3942

Okay, I know these theaters aren’t new, and I have actually been to one once before this month, but this place is so great! Granted, half the fun is getting to go to a movie period, but this makes it an extra special night out. My two college roommates and I hadn’t gotten together in four years….four. That’s the length of time most people are in college! It is too long. So when we got together a few weekends ago, you can imagine all the talking that demanded our time. When it was time for a change of pace, we headed here to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (we used to watch the original in our little townhouse together…. #nostalgia). But really, these places are great. It’s clean, it’s spacious, and the food and drinks exceed movie theater provisions by light years. In this picture, you see a glass of iced tea and warm popcorn with clarified butter in a big, metal bowl. They also have full entrees, a list of draft beers, dessert, adult and kid-friendly shakes, and other bites to nibble. Not to mention the servers was on top of their game. My favorite part? Probably the pre-show videos they make using all sorts of old movie clips that go along with the theme of the movie in some way.

good hYOUmanIMG_3943

I’ve had my eye on their shirts (sold at Hallie B. in Rockwall!) for some time now, and I have zero regrets about buying it this month. It’s cozy, and for some reason, I feel like I’m dressing up when I wear it even though it’s a tee-shirt. Probably because it’s so stinking soft and makes me feel precious because it talks about forehead kisses….which I think are the bee’s knees. Good hYOUman is big on sharing stories, giving back to the community, and keeping manufacturing in the US of A.

The Giving KeysIMG_4071

This is another item I’ve had on my wish list for months and months. I was treating it like a tattoo—I just couldn’t get one until I knew for sure I had picked the right word. And I finally did—Worthy. I posted my feelings about this word on Facebook/Instagram last week, but here are the bare bones about why I picked it: I want to treat people with Worth like it’s my job.

This is what the key is for—it’s something to wear as a reminder. Something you can touch or hold when you need to find balance. It’s a way to pause and remember who you want to be.

Everyone deserves to be treated with worth. Each member of our family. Our coworkers. People that pop up on social media we disagree with. Our leaders. Strangers. Prisoners and outcasts of any sort.

It is my life’s goal to treat each person with Worthiness.

And because I hold the word Worthy at such a high level now, it’s an equal reminder to myself that I am Worthy. That means not talking down to myself or thinking I always need to be better.

We are Worthy people—not because of me or you…but because of Love. Because of Jesus.

District RoastersIMG_3966

This coffee, you guys…it needs to be in your life. The passion of this company is to end physical, economical, and spiritual poverty in the poorest regions around the world. They do this by working directly with farmers to bring you and me organic, fair trade coffee and then turn back profits towards a tangible project that serves that country. So basically, you pick which country/coffee you want to drink, and then you see how your money is giving back to the community. It’s pretty awesome. And the taste is incredible. When we got our bag in the mail, its stamp said the beans had been roasted three days before. That is some fresh coffee. We are drinking the Righteous House blend right now, and Blake and I both like it a lot. Plus, using a French press makes me feel like a fancy pants.

Purely ElizabethIMG_3965

I don’t remember how I found out about this brand, but I started following it on Instagram a month or so ago. I thought I would have to order it online to try it, but then Collins and I were strolling through Kroger smack dab in the middle of Forney, and there it was just hanging out on the shelf. I may have geeked out a little. You made not understand my history with granola. In college, one of my favorite things to do was travel far and wide to a Whole Foods where granola was sold in bulk and buy a big bag of berry granola. Granola is great with milk, fruit, peanut butter, or on a spoon. This granola was exciting to me because this brand is dedicated to keeping things fresh—no added junk that a lot of “healthy” brands toss in their recipes. This round, I bought a bag of the Pumpkin Fig granola and paired it with a bit of coconut milk and fruit. So delicious.IMG_3822

Also, this isn’t anything groundbreaking, but one of my favorite go-to snacks at night is a mix of walnuts and frozen cherries cut into quarters. It’s sweet, crunchy, and slightly filling. Pair it with a coconut La Croix, and your evening is set.

A Severe Mercy


One of my dear friends basically told me to stop my reading list in its tracks and read this book ASAP. While my list is long and it really wasn’t fair to my other books that have been patiently waiting their turn, I picked up this book because I trust my friend. Okay, I need you to hear me—one of the best books I’ve ever read. Ever. It’s a memoir written in 1977. The author, Sheldon Vanauken writes the story of his love for his bride, Davy, and their love for Beauty. Their love leads them on a search for Joy where they find God– not without some reluctance. Within that story is how they come to know C.S. Lewis while at Oxford and their friendship that grows to be a special bond. In this book are eighteen letters between the author and C.S. Lewis. This book is one worthy of time. It’s such the reminder that we were made for Love. This read has everything: art, mystery, love, tragedy, theology, travel, and always Beauty.

So there you have it. These are some of my favorite things this month. If you try any of them, let me know what you think! Or share some of your favorite things right now! Let’s get this party started.

Also, I read this quote earlier and thought it was pretty awesome: “A candle loses nothing when lighting another candle.”

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