What Jesus Sees

What Jesus Sees


There are a lot of reasons someone may be quiet. Maybe he’s shy or perhaps she has a lot on her mind today.
Sometimes, those things are true, and sometimes, they are the things we say when we don’t know how to voice our reason for silence.

Sometimes, I’m quiet because I don’t feel worthy. There’s always someone smarter, wittier, or there’s the person who will always trump me, never seeming to have heard me in the first place. Unworthiness has the habit of making me feel like a burden to this world sometimes.

Humans have little compassion for themselves, even when we’re playing victim. Compassion involves healing and a positive shift in perspective, whereas being the victim simply requires feeling sorry for ourselves. Nobody really wants to be the victim, but when we feel unworthy, compassion can seem so out of reach in a far away dream.

Enter Jesus—Lord of Compassion.

“Because you are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you.”  (Isaiah 43:4)

Jesus sees below the surface. He sees not only what we do but also our motive for doing it. Without even asking, He relentlessly releases love. In fact, He’s proactive in His love. It starts long before our feelings of unworthiness begin.

I see a teacher snapping at her kids in class. Jesus sees a stressed woman trying to juggle fifty objectives at once, feeling like a failure at all of them. I see a child being a brat. Jesus sees his home life. I see a woman who had an affair. Jesus sees a woman needing to see true Love. I see a man willing to say anything to get ahead. Jesus sees a man who has only known success through power. I see myself deem every decision I make as less than. Jesus sees the one He loves.

What if we walked through our day seeing ourselves as Jesus sees us? How much more would we show compassion on each other and ourselves instead of berating each move we make?

Compassion doesn’t excuse action. Compassion says you are loved. And I’m here with you. And life was never meant to be this bitter for you. Compassion takes people off of the defense and releases clenched fists. Compassion says you are worthy because I love you.

My hope is to meditate on what compassion truly looks like. Hopefully when I see someone make a mistake, instead of showing disdain or judgment, they will see kindness from me. Our compassion is one thing we will never question because compassion is always right.

Believing in Love,


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