Dear Writing,

Now that we’re finally getting serious with one another, I feel like I need to be clear about where this is going. The truth is, I know you can’t promise me security. I already have a husband for that, and much more so, God, and that’s just really not your job. You don’t owe me anything regarding success or passion or the meaning of life. What you have promised me is forever. You’ve promised to show up everyday & offer yourself to me fully. You watch my curiosity and are patient with my search for where it may take me. You turn my curiosity into inspiration and often my inspiration to passion—but even when it doesn’t, we still have fun together, you and me. You’ve promised me a life of learning the depths of myself and the hearts of others through story. I’m really not sure I could ask more from you than that. You’ve given me your word on what you will provide for me, so it’s only fair I share my vows to you:

I will never treat you according to the successes that do or do not come my way.

You are my reward. You are my gift. If I get to write every single day for the sake of knowing others and myself for the better, we will share a good life together. There will certainly be failures in our life, and I know you can’t be certain of any level of success. But truly, walking this journey with you is my success. Critics can’t take that from us. They will not be the voice of our relationship because they do not define us.

I will never depend on you for financial worth.

My ego doesn’t need any more help. My soul needs help. I never want this to be a dependency to show my worth. This is not your job. Through you, I am learning how to be the best version of myself and how I can translate that over to my people. I’m positive the passion would die ever so quickly if I were to ever place on you the burden of supporting me. If I need more money, I will get a job. You are my vocation—not my job.

I will celebrate the work I see you doing in others.

You do not just belong to me. You do such amazing work in the lives of anyone open to you. Comparison steals joy like a storm steals sunlight, & I will not be a part of that. Writing, you’re going to have to keep me in check here because I struggle with wanting to be the best. You do not solely belong to me. And I will throw the most love-filled parties when you show yourself well through my fellow writers. This world is such a better place when we are for each other.

I promise to be faithful to you.

When I do not feel the passion, and when other things seem more fun, I will stay with you. I will work on you everyday because I was created for you. I will not give up on you. Without you, my life loses immense meaning and would honestly probably stop making sense altogether. There will be hard days and those days will not look like the sunny ones, but we’re going to forge through them together & only then will the next sunny day come.

Writing, I am so grateful you found me. I love the gift of doing this life with you.

Love, Jenna

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