My Favorite Things– The January Edition

My Favorite Things– The January Edition

Keratese Elixir

This girl’s hair world has been rocked this year. My regimen used to consist of a comb & possibly a source of heat to control its wild ways. When my stylist discovered I didn’t use any kind of protective product, let alone a hairbrush, she marched right over to the product nook & changed my hair’s life for the better. This hair serum is so easy & makes me feel like I’m giving my hair the ability to one day mimic Rapunzel. Just 2 tiny pumps, & I can brush through the most evil of tangles. I’m still on my first bottle so I can’t say how long one will last you, but I feel like my stylist (who is a good, honest person, by gum!) promised me close to a year. Since I’m known to only wash my hair every four days, sometimes I’ll put some on my dry hair before going to sleep & let it soak in overnight. I consider that a hair bonus. Now that Collins is growing some beautiful locks that I never ever plan to cut, I’ll put one tiny pump’s worth on her just-washed hair. It’s like playing with a little doll, & I love it so much.

Magical Hair Potion (not to be confused with the stuff you use to protect your hair from your super hot hair straightener. That’s a whole different ballgame.)

Big Magic

I forget that I’ve met Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s true. It’s also true she wouldn’t have the faintest idea who I am considering I stood in a long line to meet her & then simply marveled at her for 30 seconds while sputtering out my name so she could sign my copy of Eat, Pray, Love. But whatever, I’ve met her, & I shook her hand. This book is like all of my dreams wrapped into a jacket of many colors. The chapters are short (which is honestly the BEST at this stage of life), & each one feels like I’m just listening to her chat over a cup of tea on the porch. It’s a reminder that each of us is born a creative. We don’t have to be the best. We don’t have to make money. We don’t have to prove anything, actually. We were born to create. And the creating in itself is our reward. Such a gem. I love her, & I love this book. (She also made a podcast spinning off of this book called Magic Lessons, & it’s so fun!)


The Chic Site

If you’ve been following my blog or even just read the above paragraph, you know my recent addiction to podcasts. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey has become my mid-week social hour, & I’m so serious when I say I’m a happier person on Wednesdays for it. Every week, Jamie releases a one-hour podcast hosting another female, & they talk about all things life. To men, this may sound like a nightmare, but IT IS THE BEST. More times than not, I haven’t heard of her guest before, so I get to go stalk someone completely new to me. That’s what happened after she hosted Rachel Hollis, creator of The Chic Site, last Wednesday. Blake was gone last weekend, & I promise you I stalked her website with glee both nights after Collins was in bed. There was also wine & cheese, so you know, perfect evening. It’s got a lot of everything, so you can surely find your niche, unless you’re only interested in ugly things & eating gross food.

Bonus: She releases a short #RachTalk every Monday that will make you laugh so hard, you might pee your pants. Maybe. Here’s her most recent. (I actually just watched it after typing this little blog post, & she totally talked about peeing your pants!! I did not copy her. I have a mind of my own. Yes I do.)



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