Looking Backward to Move Forward

Looking Backward to Move Forward

Like I said in my last blog, I haven’t written out resolutions yet. And really, I’m a fan of goals all year long, so resolutions are kind of a fun extension off that. Something I haven’t done in the past is pause to think about what I learned in the previous year. It’s such a valuable way to look at our lives though—to see through the good & hard & pretty & ugly– & see what we can take from it all. I think by following this practice, we can then get a better picture of what we want to keep learning this year. So, here we go with this little experiment. We’ll just start with a few things here.

It’s okay to be sad.

Please tell me you’ve seen Inside Out by now. This movie is literally about all the feelings, & for someone who was afraid of many feelings for the majority of her life, I was ill-prepared to see this film in public when it hit theaters. A dear friend & I just had a conversation analyzing it over the phone because of how much it continues to affect our brains. If I had to write a thesis in the near future, it would be over this movie. Life is so hard, you guys. It’s okay to say you’re sad. Sometimes, voicing it alone is what makes room for Joy.


It’s okay to cry.  

                                                                                                                See above.

I used to claim myself as a non-crier. I never responded with tears, & even in moments when a tear was well deserved & I wanted to cry so people wouldn’t look at me like I needed to get a new soul, my eyes remained dry. I felt like Cameron Diaz in The Holiday. But then life kept happening. Marriage & a baby just seemed to kick me off my drought of a cliff into a world of many streams, lakes, & oceans. Tell me these lyrics stir emotion in you:

Even though I’ve just begun
To somehow get these stories done.
How can I aim so high
When I’ve let down everyone?
Now I feel like I’m a fake
Thinking there must be some mistake.
I can’t see why she chose me
When I don’t have what it takes.

Oh, can I lead the way?
Make everything okay?
Just how am I supposed to save the day?
And what is there to say.
When my chance has flown away.
Why’d I think that I could be the one to save the day?

That’s a freaking Disney Junior* song, you guys. Sofia really brings down the hammer of emotion. But I’m figuring out that people want the real you & to be the real you, you have to be vulnerable, & to be vulnerable, sometimes that means crying. And that’s okay.


Friends are where it’s at.

I had a bad falling out with a friend this year. I was absolutely not prepared, & I still don’t really understand it. Sometimes when junk like that happens, we get turned off by the whole deal. We want to be strong enough to not need it. However, I am so serious when I say friendship is one of the main ways I saw the presence of God in my life this year. We need people in our lives to love us & teach us how to love. Enter friends. Enter community. We all need it bad.


This picture really makes me laugh because we need a bigger couch, & some of our hands just don’t know where to go.

Podcasts are my newest favorite thing.

Sometimes the only adult social time I get during the day are with the voices in my head. As entertaining as this can be, I really need to hear someone else’s views every once in a while. The two I’m currently hooked on are The Happy Hour With Jamie Ivey & Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert. I can do so many solitary tasks now & feel like I’m in the middle of a witty & enlightening conversation at the same time. Chopping vegetables doesn’t seem so menial. Traffic doesn’t make me lose my salvation so easily. I’ll write more about these later, but trust me. Go to iTunes & look these awesome (& FREE) podcasts up.

What are some things you learned in 2015?

*More specifically, these lyrics are part of the song Save the Day from Sofia the First. I go to sleep with one of these songs stuck in my head nightly. They tend to always make me happy.

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