Black Friday Turned Gold

Black Friday Turned Gold

My husband & I are not seasoned Black Friday shoppers. This might explain why two years ago when we went to Midnight Madness at Target, Blake wore khaki pants & a red polo. Everyone has to learn certain things the hard way.

Black Friday wasn’t worth it to me when my parents bought my clothes & I got an allowance for being alive, but then came the day when I needed to buy my own jeans & toaster ovens & Christmas presents for all my people, & all the sudden this sale shopping business seemed pretty catchy.

I’m one who likes to circle the store twice, making mental notes along the way, before starting to actually shop. So the thought of mad dashing into a store with all the other crazed humans, picking through piles of cotton & scouring the kitchen aisles does not appeal to me. When in the latter environment, I tend to get fluster-brain. This means I either a) freak out over the heightened excitement & buy nothing, feeling dumb for going in the first place, or b) get caught up in the hype & buy stuff I could easily walk out of the store & forget about but don’t because everyone has five times the amount of stuff I do in their carts so it’s okay! And that leads to a much higher frustration level than option A.

So alas, I will be foregoing Black Friday shopping this year, but I’m scoping the top places to shop for my people (& myself) this season, & I think you’ll love some of these fresh ideas. (Plus, you can shop all of these ONLINE! I never appreciated this until I became a mom, & now I sing praises to the Internet like no other. Amen.)

Lily Jade bag

This one will be a big hit with soon-to-be-moms or mamas of littles. When Meggan became a mom a decade ago, finding a diaper bag that met her needs AND didn’t scream DIAPER BAG didn’t seem to exist. When the baby years ended, she wasn’t about to carry her bag around anymore but couldn’t part with it because of memories made. So she & her husband did something about it. They created this line of diaper bags that are so beautiful, women buy them who haven’t changed a diaper in ten years. My current bag is starting to look like it’s been run over by a car, so Lily Jade is on my wish list.

Beauty Counter


This company was created by wife & mom, Gregg, all because she wanted healthy products to put on her family’s skin. When she learned the US hasn’t passed a law regulating personal care product ingredients since 1938 and that 1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 3 women is diagnosed with cancer, she found the motivation to do something about it. This line covers everything from makeup to a plethora of skin care products that are healthy for our skin, our largest organ that absorbs everything we put on it! Big Bonus: Beauty Counter teams up with non-profits who work for the benefit of our bodies & world.

Field Treasure Designs 


Andrew is a craftsman, & when he saw a rising generation lacking these practical skills & the opportunities they create, he created this company. Now, he & his team can gather to create unique pieces while also investing in the lives of others under a common roof. They have all sorts of pieces for sale, but I have my eye on one of the large reclaimed pallet clocks.



Calling all coffee lovers! This is about to make you further embrace your morning cup by 1,000 percent. This organization’s focus is to decimate poverty around the world—physical, economic, & spiritual. They are doing this by focusing on specific districts & building relationship with their farmers for the perfect cup of coffee. When you purchase coffee from a district, you directly help specific needs for that district (health clinics, schools, etc.), & profit goes back to the farmers. Check this operation out, you guys.

I really love how these companies were started by humans like you & me who just want the world to be better. Whether by giving a mom a little dignity by carrying something she would in a previous life or giving dignity to a hard-working farmer across our world, these people are using their gifts for a big purpose. Don’t you love it?

Other organizations you would love are The Giving Keys, Krochet Kids, & Falling Whistles. Promise!

Shopping really is happy when it gives back to people, so…..


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