Instagram Can't Wait for Thanksgiving!

Instagram Can't Wait for Thanksgiving!

If Instagram existed in the 1950’s, this is what we might scroll through on Thanksgiving Day…


I love mornings she doesn’t have to go to school so we can relax together. #blessed #thankful #mommydaughterrobes #pictureperfect


I must say I’m proud of myself for putting together the entire Thanksgiving feast in a single oven by 10AM. #neverletthemseeyousweat


While the children & husband nap, I find it relaxing to clean and shine the floors in high heels. #cleanlinessisnexttogodliness #yellowapronismyfave


May I light that cigarette for you, darling? We are the luckiest parents to have children who don’t mind the smell of smoke in the living room #trainthemupright


Every day winds down this way, but today is extra special. #dancingtoChristmasmusic #modestishottest


It really is simple to have it all together, ladies. Thanksgiving is, by far, the easiest day of the year if you plan ahead. #notabobbypinoutofplace

Old sitcoms used to rock my nighttime world. Nick at Night Block Party, y’all! Tell me you remember… I Love Lucy, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Three’s Company, The Brady Bunch. I was so smitten by these characters & always wondered in secret why I had been born in the wrong era. Everyone was precious towards one another, the girls appeared perfect, & the clothes were a huge improvement over the style of the 1990’s. I was so sure if I lived in their era, my life would look like theirs. And it wasn’t even that I didn’t like my life— it’s the concept of wanting more.

Social media is a pool of comparison 365 days a year, but particularly on holidays, Instagram takes the pumpkin pie. We scroll through picture after picture of the same idea, different person. Everyone seems to be having a marvelous time with all these people they love, & we’re thinking Congratulations for being the storyline for the next Hallmark movie. I’m going to sit over here & eat pie & get fat.

Here’s the deal about Thanksgiving & all family-oriented holidays: We tend to get this idea that we’re the only family who can’t get it together, when in reality, nobody has the perfect family. However, every single one of us has the choice to actively love our family anyway. Gratitude for our people equals joy for our people, right?

So we take the picture for Instagram in the brightest moments so we have sweet memories down the road— but if we don’t honestly expect our entire day to measure up in picture-quality moments, why would we be disappointed when our day falls short of our friends’ pictures? Just like we have to fight for joy, we have to fight against comparison—it does not have the right to win.

I have found myself being frustrated over a holiday not feeling happy enough. There’s all sorts of anticipation, planning, & preparation involved, & then the dreamy day comes to a screeching halt when there’s silence at the table because nobody seems to know what to say to one another. This is where the choice presents itself to either get frustrated over your family of humans or be love to your family of humans. This will look different for every person and family, and it may or may not be recognized & received. Our job isn’t to predict or control the outcome, though—our only job is to act & to do so in a manner that gives dignity to everyone at our tables.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I hope it is love-filled for you & yours.

PS. I’m a firm believer that the person/people who cook should not be the one/ones to also clean. Don’t be a victim. Enlist for help, & then go watch a Hallmark movie in your high heels & yellow apron.


  1. James Chambless on November 25, 2015 at 4:26 pm

    Good morning, Jenna! Thank you for the true words spoken here. Some people in my family are easier to honor from afar. It’s a smaller group here this year, and I cannot help but wonder if some of them are thinking of me as I have so often thought of those I don’t miss as much when they choose to spend the holiday elsewhere. I pray that your get together is filled with joy.

    • jenna winegeart on November 25, 2015 at 9:23 pm

      Easier to honor from afar….I like that. So true….Thank you, as always, for your words!

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