Our Own Monthly Holiday

Our Own Monthly Holiday

Nearly three months ago, Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love was the source of my every thought, but then again, zipping through someone’s memoir in 72 hours will do that to you. One of her chapters discussed this monthly dinner arrangement she & her husband have with three other couples called Supper Club, & I found myself hanging on her every word. After finishing the chapter, I closed my eyes & pleaded, Jesus, I would really love it if you would make this happen. I have no idea who would want to do this, but this sounds perfect.

That afternoon, Collins & I took a trip to Tyler, & on the way, I thought about Courtney, a girl I had only spent time with once, a few months before, but felt connected to. It had been a while since we had touched base, & I figured I should shoot her a text later that day.

Within five minutes of being out of the car, I got a text, naturally. From Courtney, of course. Inviting Blake & me to do Supper Club, obviously. She had listened to The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey podcast where she talked about her love for Supper Club (She & Jen Hatmaker are in the same one!) & decided to start one. Umm…let me think. YES!

Sometimes we think timing happens coincidentally or we will things to happen by our own power. You guys. This was and is divine—orchestrated by God to bring people together at the perfect time to showcase His glory & goodness. We got together last night for our third dinner, & it’s amazing how much these seven people already mean to me. The food rocks, yes, but even more than that, it’s sitting around a table together, sharing stories that make us laugh & learn bits about one another.


Supper Club Rules (We didn’t make these up. SC is a real, established thing, & as recovering perfectionists, we follow every single one.)

  1. Four couples rotate homes once a month–  so you host three times per year. (Couple number is flexible, obviously, but four is a nice number.)
  2. The couple hosting does it all—meal planning, cooking, & cleaning. The three traveling couples bring wine & don’t lift a finger.
  3. The food should be legit. (See example below as a prime example.)
  4. Adults only. Start later so host home kids can be in bed, & traveling couples get sitters.

Last night’s supper club served nothing short of greatness. We made a new rule of not knocking —you just walk on in because that’s what solid friends do. (Have you not seen Friends??) Stepping inside Brian & Lauren’s home, we were spellbound by the luxury that is apple pie—possibly the most enticing smell on earth with its juicy apples, ground cinnamon, nutmeg, & clove, nestled into a warm, buttery crust. Giving big hugs to the girls, I saw the chalkboard menu on display & skipped over for a peek.image3

Artichoke Bruschetta

Pecan Crusted Salmon

Squash Medley

Scalloped Potatoes

Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream & Caramel Sauce

I am never happier to be hungry than I am at Supper Club.

Next to the menu, Lauren had tiny brown bags with our dogs’ names on them filled with homemade biscuits she (& her pup) made. The guys went outside and talked while Brian grilled one lonely chicken breast for the guy who doesn’t like salmon (#GodSaveMatt), & the girls poured wine & began catching up in the kitchen.


Dinner was divine– the conversation personified perfection. Since we began three months ago, we throw an open-ended question on the table (Courtney has become our official point person for this task), & each couple takes a turn answering. This turns into stories, tangents, & things we haven’t given thought to in the longest time & would never think to share with each other. Yet it’s interesting how someone always relates, which is the entire point. Supper Club for the win. We’re already planning our first vacation together.



  1. John on November 21, 2015 at 7:57 pm

    Please check your facebook messages or facebook spam folder. Thank you

    • jenna winegeart on November 23, 2015 at 8:26 pm

      Thank you for your input. We’ve printed the information and passed it along to Ellen.

    • Matt R. on December 2, 2015 at 4:26 am

      Please contact me, John. It’s vitally important. Confidentiality assured.

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